MASONIC Minute Book - Skeleton

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MASONIC Minute Book - Skeleton

Plain cover with in gold foil Minutes printed on spine

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MASONIC Minute Book - Skeleton

Masonic Minute Books


Each book is made to order and contains enough inserts to accommodate at least 50 to 60 meetings.

Hard backed and Library Quality.


MASONIC Minute Book - Skeleton MASONIC Minute Book - Skeleton Latest style The Brougham Style Minute Book. Specifically designed and crafted, manufactured by hand and finished with care for your special purpose, this ?bespoke? minute book will accommodate both manuscript and word processed or printed documents at the size of A4 (210x297mm) being in itself A4+ (315 x 220 mm) large enough to give adequate protection for inserts of this size. Each page has been perforated at approx.2cm from the inside margin and WHEN REMOVED leaves a stub ideal for the fixing of printed or word processed sheets by gluing the margin. { We would NOT recommend the use of sellotape or staples as over the years they tend to either dry out or rust ? the best possible glue is a proprietary Craft PVA or double sided Acid Free tape {available from most Craft shops.}. Once the perforated sheet has been removed this leaves two sides per opening which can be used for manuscript entries. We believe that this method of use will help to protect the spine of the book from becoming broken, split or bent by the overstuffing of additional papers over an extended period of time, on average it should be possible to attached x2 sheets of 70/80gsm paper per opening, if this is exceeded then you are advised to leave some unused openings [with perforated leaves removed] at convenient periods. We hope that you have many years of use and based on an average of ten meetings per year it should give you 7+ years of usage before needing to consider replacement. The cover is 100% Library Quality Cloth, the pages are 100% Acid Free and are 120gsm archival quality and together with the ultra thick backing boards 3000 micron are designed to ensure that your record book will last for many years, should the cloth cover become stained DO NOT USE SOLVENT based products for attempted removal. Masonic Minute Books Each book is made to order and contains enough inserts to accommodate at least 50 to 60 meetings. Hard backed and Library Quality. Buckram Cloth available in Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Green [light], Ruby, Black , Dark Navy [simulated leather, Dark Royal Blue [simulated leather].

The Front is Bespoke titled in Gold foil with organisation name together with the words ??MINUTE BOOK?? which also appears centralised on the spine. Masonic Craft and Chapter books are a speciality. There is a range of Logos that can be embossed on the Front cover. Others can be made to order but an additional charge will apply.

The Graphic shows foil printed version of Book. The price is for the plain version.

Gold leaf print is an extra charge for Lodge name and number , see separate listing for £20 , use seperate listing to add Lodge / Chapter name and number.

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