Our basic concept is to provide on line information , links and community services to Freemasons accross the globe.

We create on-line community forums, an International Magazine, a Library of on-line books, Masonic Dictionary , Masonic Encyclopaedia, Educational Programs and of course some entertainment.

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You will find a comprehensive link system on these are all our other pages, there are many who contribute to providing these services for you. They are all voluteers. All services are Free at the point of use. We do sell Masonic products and have a number of on line stores each provides a service for different clients.

We have an On Line Store, but in fact we deal in all Countries and in most Currencies. We use Pypal mostly but we also have the facility to take payments from Debit and Credit Cards over the phone.  All contact details are available on the Contact Page.

We are always looking for people who like to get involved , so if you think you would like to take part in any of our projects or indeed if you would like to suggest a project , please don’t be shy and speak up.

ResourcesThe Lodge Room UK resource section is a compilation of a vast array of information for you to read and use in your research inot Freemasonry.

Please seek permission prior to re-producing any of the things your see, or read, in this section as some contributores have given us specfic instructions, as well as permission, to publish their words.

Contact Details You will find all the details needed to make contact. We have US phone number , UK and Internet phone contact. Obviously email. Always use this page if you wish to order over the phone or make payments by phone.

We confirm that we never pass on to any third party, any of your personal information or data we may collect, during our dealings with you.

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