Revamp of the Old site at

I am making the Old Sales site into the CD and Download Centre.

You can already download hudreds of Masonic eBooks at our Download Center, we have links here on most of the functions at Lodgeroom. You can also download the Magazine  ……  Here you will find that I have started to move some of the items around and I have added more CD’s.

I am making Large CD’s or it may go on a Stick with some 300 mb of Masonic eBooks and magazines for a set price. all the ebooks you could ask for.

So watch this space. I will advertise some of the product here to keep you up to date with what is happening.

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  1. In addition I am creating Library CD’s here is an example

    Library of Magazines and eBooks

    Our Normal Prices for this colletion of CD’s = £ 37.50 or $ 56.75 or Euro 41.81

    Full 12 Months Lodgeroom Magazine for 2006

    Full 12 Months Lodgeroom Magazine for 2007

    Full 11 Months Lodgeroom Magazine for 2008

    FREE 350 MB’s of eBooks approx 150 books

    FREE masonic Graphics file

    You also get FREE the following documents in .pdf format.

    Freemasonry the basics – presentation on the basics of Freemasonry

    Andersons Constitution – The Original precepts of Modern Freemasonry

    Anderson – The Ancient Charges – Together with the Constitution the foundation of Freemasonry.

    Cooke Manuscript – one of the oldest known manuscript of Freemasonry

    Mackey – Ancient Landmarks – the initial definition of Masonic landmarks.

    St Clair Charter 1601 – charter of the peerage confirming him in the title

    St Clair Charter 1628 – charter of the peerage confirming him in the title

    The Halliwell Manuscript – also known as the Regius Poem, is the first known Masonic text

    The Shaw Stautes – The Reverend James D. Shaw, who wanted to ‘expose’ Freemasonry

    Taxil Confession – Interesting Conspiracy involving Albert Pike, or did it ?

    All these documents will give the budding Masonic researcher the starting place from where he might start to understand Freemasonry a little more.
    £12.95 great value !!

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